Advise to the client in the search and gain of financial resources for the company, in two possible scenarios:

1º. Dock of Venture Capital in the Company, with the participation of the investor in the company, highlighting Global Investment Fund (“Private Equity”) that had already invested in Brazil or are interested on coming to the Brazilian market.   

Initially, we advise the Client in the elaboration of the ‘Business Plan”, ideal to the current conditions of the company and potential future of the business and appropriate to the “eyes of this kind of investor”.

In the continuity of the Process, we provide help to choose the investment Fund that will be more appropriate to the profile and the business philosophy of the Client, making presentation of the business and expositions of the reasons and others needed and relevant subjects.

All the time, during the conversations and negotiations, we provide Active Assistance to the Client until the “Business Closing Date”, composition of contracts relevant and the needed Shareholders’ Agreement, in view of the new reality of the company.

2º. Capital Financing for Business growth or Market Consolidation, obtained in private or governmental financial institutions in Brazil or Abroad

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